Airline Reservations

Reservation Procedure:

HMI offers both group discounts and individual airline reservations.

INDIVIDUAL & GROUP AIRLINE REQUESTS: You must complete an HMI air request form to receive a quote for both individual and group requests. Please download the required HMI Air Request Form from the link below. The submission instructions are located on the form. Once the HMI Air Request Form is received an agent will begin researching travel options and send your options via email on file. All air quotes are subject to change until the time of ticketing. Air quotes can not be held or guaranteed once you receive the quote, therefore an expedient affirmation will be needed and a credit card will be required for payment.

Airlines do not accept school purchase orders. If you do not have a school credit card, request special arrangements to HMI at All tickets are non-refundable.

Reminder: All traveler's legal names and birth dates are required. Please submit the completed HMI Air Request Form to

The Friday, May 5th deadline allows for pre-registration special pricing on tour and transfer. After this registration deadline date, the prices are subject to increase.


  • $25 per ticket - up to 9 passengers on the same domestic record
  • $35 per ticket - for international reservations with no connections
  • $45 per ticket - with multiple connections

For groups of 10 or more UTILIZING THE SAME FORM OF PAYMENT, the fee is $15 per-person for a domestic air reservation, and $25 for international reservations.

Airport Check-In:

Please arrive at your home airport for check-in at least 90 minutes prior to your departure time for domestic travel and 120 minutes for international travel. Remember to carry one valid form of local or federal government-issued photo ID, such as a passport, driver's license, or Military ID. A photo ID is NOT required for anyone age 17 years and younger. If you are not a U.S. Citizen, or if you are coming from a country outside the U.S., please be sure to check with your specific airline carrier to determine which documents (passport and/or visa) you will need to enter the United States.

Important Airline Notes:

Airlines do not allow name changes once the reservation has been booked and tickets issued. (For example, Tom Smith cannot "substitute" for John Smith. Another example, Liz James might really be Elizabeth James or perhaps Mary Elizabeth James.)

Plan carefully and make certain you identify all travelers by their legal names as all airline tickets are non-refundable. If a change is required a minimum change fee will incur of $150.00 per change, per-person plus any increase in the fare basis. All changes are required in writing.


Baggage allowances differ by each airline. Please go to your specific airline's website for regulations and checked baggage fees that may apply. For more information about what you can pack, please refer to